PPS Wall sections and construction method

The PSS Retaining Wall Section is a pre-cast concrete unit designed to permit the construction of vibrated concrete walls without the need for conventional shuttering.

The PSS Wall Sections are laid on a suitable mortar bed in a traditional brick fashion. Reinforcement, vertical and horizontal bars, is fixed as the wall is built. Finally, concrete is poured into the cavity and vibrated around the steel reinforcement. The wall depth can be varied according to the depth and specification; the wall sections come in a choice of either 230mm or 330mm width.

WS230 Wall Section - Swimming Pool ConstructionPool floor profile
WS330 Wall Section - Swimming Pool ConstructionExample of PSS Swimming Pool

Footing Blocks

The footing blocks are designed to support the pool/basement or structural wall, prior to concreting taking place. This enables the wall and the floor to be concreted in one operation, making it a monolithic structure with no construction joints.

Footing blocks are laid on the sub-concrete base and spaced to support the wall sections

Steel is fixed into the walls and the floor prior to concreting

Once the walls are erected then concreting of the walls and floor takes place

Swimming Pool Shell

Designed for Flexibility

The PSS System is designed to provide support for the superstructure of a swimming pool building. The enclosure can be erected on top of the pool wall to save space on the pool building and reduce building costs. Also surround beam and block floors can be supported on the back of the PSS pool wall.

Level Deck Channel Block


Height – 305mm
Length – 305mm
Width – 365mm

Orifice for overflow pipes 80mm